As manufacturing shifts towards smart factories, with interconnected production systems and automation, EPSRC has funded the DigiTOP project to develop a predictive toolkit to optimise productivity and communication between human workers and robots.

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  • Data-rich environments and danger of information overload
    In order to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity, a lot more data will be collected and analysed as a part of the digital transformation in the industry. In the new intelligent factories multiple systems and devices will be interconnected and able to generate more data than ever before, therefore they are referred to as ‘big data’ (figure 1). Moreover, the generation of this big data … Read more
  • The Growing Role of Augmented Reality in Through-life Engineering.
    The DigiTOP Project offers opportunities to realise the potential impact that emerging digital technologies can have within manufacturing and maintenance settings. Whilst there is a whole host of emerging technologies, there are a number of uncertainties in terms of efficiency and effectiveness gains. Augmented reality (AR) is one technology that is emerging to address numerous challenges. This blog provides insight into existing research and gathered experience of … Read more