Dr Laura Justham

Laura_JusthamDr Laura Justham, is a senior lecturer within the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering (WSMEME) at Loughborough University (LU). Her research interests are broad reaching & multi-disciplinary, focusing on automation, manufacturing processes and the human within the loop. Her interests include, fundamental electro-adhesion, structure mounted automation with mobile robotics and adaptive manufacturing processes such as laser cladding and tungsten inert gas (TiG) welding. These highly innovative projects are within the area of research and development of process innovation for the manufacturing domain; concentrating on the development of adaptive and flexible manufacturing processes where enhanced decision making in real-time is imperative to the success to the development of research into a production ready solution. Dr Justham has developed ongoing collaborations with industrial partners. She has also collaborated with academics at Cranfield University studying “Human-Machine collaboration” systems and at Sheffield Hallam University on electro-adhesion. She is a current member of the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research. In addition to her academic responsibilities she is the academic sponsor for the LU Women’s Engineering Society, taking an active role in events run by the society to support prospective and current female engineers