About DigiTOP

The DigiTOP project is a £1.9m EPSRC funded research project that aims to develop a Toolkit to optimise productivity and communication between human workers and robots.

The project team are working on this exciting research collaboratively to deliver an open-access suite of digital tools to enable real-time capture and prediction of impact, allowing digital technologies to be optimised for manufacturing system performance.

The team consists of academics with a diverse range of expertise in digital manufacturing (DM) from the University of Nottingham, Cranfield University, Loughborough University and Bristol Robotics Lab. You can find out more about the project team here.

Now in the second phase of development, the DigiTOP Toolkit uses new human factors theories and data analytics approaches, tools are designed to inform human requirements for workload, situation awareness and decision making in digital manufacturing. At the same time, demonstrators are used to test the implementation of sensing technologies that will capture and evaluate performance change and build predictive models of system performance.

The project will also provide an understanding of the ethical, organisational and social impact of the introduction of digital manufacturing tools and digital sensor-based tools to evaluate work performance in the future workplace.

The team actively welcome feedback on the first phase of the Toolkit, this will help inform the second phase, with the aim of developing a user tested and industry focused Toolkit for implementing digital manufacturing technologies. We would like to hear from academics within the field of DM and anyone in the manufacturing industry that would like to test the Toolkit in their operational setting. Please get in touch using the contact section of the DigiTOP website.