Digital Manufacturing School Workshop Resources

We have created a range of resources for school years 6 & 7 so teachers can explore digital manufacturing through using the What is Digital Manufacturing film we created .  We would expect this session to take around 1 hour to deliver.  Resources include:

  1. Lesson plan for the session (word doc)
  2. Session presentation slides (PowerPoint)
  3. Session presentation slides in PDF (with notes)
  4. Script of the Digital Manufacturing film (word doc)
  5. Children’s feedback to the workshop (word doc)
  6. Wordsearch activity of key vocabulary (PDF)


The presentation displayed below was created as part of a Discovery Workshop for school year 8.  This includes information on:

Digital Manufacturing; how is manufacturing changing?

Careers in Digital Manufacturing; what subjects can support a career in digital manufacturing. 

Case study; A day in the life of a digital manufacturer.

Sensors; what are they, and how are they used in manufacturing.

Humans & Robots; how do they work together?


Presentation on Digital Manufacturing ( PDF, 3.9Mb)