“I wish I could recieve feedback regarding the robot’s skill level and whether it needs to gain better understanding of some parts of the task”. 


Role: Robot Programmer

Experience: 8 Years

Age: 35 

Industry: Manufacturing

Decision-maker: No


Louise is responsible for training a robot to carry out a dexterous task. One of the main challenges is testing the level to which parts need programming in more detail, this is often based on experience and trial and error.

Research Theme Examples:

  • Exploring pedagogical methods for robot instruction 
  • Modelling operator trust in industrial robots 
  • Impact of types of collaboration on team performance 

Louise’s Biggest Challenges 

  • Understanding robot skill awareness
  • Getting a quick overview of the robot’s programming
  • Getting feedback from the robot regarding the level of understanding of the task
  • Allowing the robot to demonstrate the task in a safe way

Digital Innovation Example:

  • Models of robot skill awareness 
  • Verbalisation of robot task knowledge 
  • Multimodal human-robot interaction