Digital Manufacturing Webinar Series

45 Minute Webinars
November 2020 - January 2021
Free to attend Via 'Teams'

The DigiTOP team present their Digital Manufacturing Webinar Series; shedding light on digital technologies, human factors and productivity –  these webinars will guide you through topics such as ‘human-robot  collaboration’ to ‘the creative and structured elements of rich pictures’. The webinars will be delivered by academics from The University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and Cranfield University.

The series is aimed at anyone that is looking to learn more about digital manufacturing technologies, whether for your business or academic research. Over the course of the next few months we will be hosting these webinars for you to attend live. All the webinars will be recorded and available on the DigiTOP website for you to access at your leisure

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Live or Recorded


Structured Authoring for AR-based Communication to Enhance
Efficiency in Remote Diagnosis for Complex Equipment

Dr. Dedy Ariansyiah

10 November 2020

Pre-recorded + Live Q&A


Wearable Sensors in a Human-Robot Collaboration Context

Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub

17 November 2020


11am -11:45am

What is Productivity?

Dr. Ella Mae-Hubbard, Dr Sarah Sharples & Dr. John

Winter, 2020

Pre-recorded + Live Q&A

 Winter, 2021

Human Factors of Virtual Reality in Industry 4.0

Dr. Glyn Lawson

1 December 2020

Live Introduction – Pre-recorded + Live Q&A


Understanding and Exploring Integration and Interaction
with Rich Pictures

Dr. Ella Mae-Hubbard

2 December 2020


 2pm – 2:45pm

A Design Framework for Adaptive Digital Twins

Dr. John Erkoyuncu

12 January 2021


 2pm – 2:45pm

Facial Thermography

Dr. Adrian Marinescu

26 January 2021

Pre-recorded + Live Q&A

10am -10:45am

Overview of Webinars 

Wearable Sensors in Human-Robot Collaboration Context – Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub.

The number of collaborative robots in the industrial application is growing dramatically; hence, an intuitive and
effective human-robot collaboration is required to get the best out of the human operator and the robot while maintaining a safe and comfortable workspace. Therefore, in this webinar, we will present how wearable sensors can improve Human-Robot collaboration.

Structured Authoring for AR-based Communication to Enhance
Efficiency in Remote Diagnosis for Complex Equipment –
Dr Dedy Ariansyah

In this webinar, we will present a new approach to increase the efficiency of remote communication through Augmented Reality technology. We will cover the following topics:

  1. What are the factors that cause misunderstanding in remote maintenance
  2. How AR can be used to improve the efficiency of remote maintenance communication?
  3. How much improvement gained by AR in comparison to traditional means of
    communication (e.g. phone call and email) in remote diagnosis case study?
  4. What are the future works to address some other pertinent issues in remote


What is Productivity? – Dr Ella Mae-Hubbard, Dr Sarah Sharples and Dr. John Erkoyuncu

In this webinar we’ll be discussing what productivity means, how people define and measure it and how it is different for different elements of a system (e.g. people, process, product) 

Human Factors in Industry 4.0 – Dr Glyn Lawson

Dr Glyn Lawson will present case studies around the use of Virtual Reality in Digital Manufacturing. He will also cover broader aspects of
the workforce in I4.0, such as key professional competencies, human factors challenges, team work and lifelong learning strategies. 

Understanding and Exploring Interaction and Integration with Rich Pictures – Dr Ella Mae-Hubbard

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at the benefits of creative representations when investigating systems, how it can help demystify
jargon and get to the bottom of what is really important for different stakeholders. 

A Design Framework for Adaptive Digital Twins – Dr John Erkoyuncu

A major challenge in sustaining the accurate digital representation of assets and processes is the data capture and flow in to the digital platform that is used to conduct the data analytics. This presentation offers some insights in to how the digital twin can co-evolve across its life-cycle as it aims to deliver value and enhanced decision making capability. 

Facial Thermography – Dr Adrian Marinescu

In this webinar, we will present the process of extracting timeseries temperature data of various face areas from a thermal video, recorded using a thermal camera. 


To secure your place on each webinar please register via EvenBrite on the webinar links above or here.


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