Digital Human Representation & Digital Twins

Digital twins offer considerable benefits in monitoring and improving the functionality of the interconnected complex system in the manufacturing system. Nevertheless, the development of the DT in the industrial application often lacks integration with human actors which renders the performance of the production system vulnerable to human fatigue and human misjudgement. Moreover, the neglected human data as feedback to the DT system hinders the exploitation of human-machine partnership that takes human intelligence and flexibility into account. In seeing the necessity for human integration, as part of the work in DigiTOP project we developed a framework for human digital representation in an industrial DT.

Human digital representation framework
Human Digital Representation Framework

In the future, more research in human DT integration regarding automatic human data collection, data processing, and human-based data-driven in DT for optimising the whole system performance is required to evaluate the working procedure of the proposed DT framework.

Please refer to the “Towards a Digital Human Representation in an Industrial Digital Twin” paper for further information about the proposed framework