Marshall Demo

This demo was developed as part of an MSc Group project that was hosted by Cranfield University, and delivered in collaboration with a major aerospace service and support providing organisation in the UK

The demo shows the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology
to improve remote communication in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
processes. The solution developed focused on addressing the main challenges in remote maintenance such as:

      The misunderstanding experienced in the
communications by email or phone calls with off-site teams.

  The difficulty of obtaining the correct

information for any issue when the aircraft is not in the facility.

  The necessity of travelling often long distances
to assess damage in aircraft.

     The difficulty of identifying aircraft parts due
to a large volume and variety of assets.

     The necessity to often have experienced people
to perform tasks.

      The long waiting time to receive answers from
other departments by email.

     The necessity of stopping the workflow when an
issue is detected to find guidance on how to proceed

In the video, it shows that a local technician can call the remote expert through an AR device (Hololens) and request the information to troubleshoot the problem. Based on the query from the local technician, the remote expert can see the local technician’ view point, using the virtual asset and prescribe step by step instructions through the structured AR authoring tool. The authored instructions can be delivered right to the viewpoint of the local technician and assists with performing the  maintenance task.