Digital Twins

Enabling the Implementation of Digital Manufacturing Technologies: Digital Twin, Augmented Reality, and Desktop Representation

Industry 4.0 is currently an aspiration for many companies. Once it is adopted, a revolutionary mindset will follow which changes the way an organisation produces products, delivers services, and offers new business models. As part of an initiative to support the realisation of the future manufacturing, one of the research topics in the DigiTOP project is to investigate the design and implementation of Digital Twin, Augmented Reality and desktop representation as enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.

Through the academic research and collaboration with industrial partners under the DigiTOP project, we aim to establish a design framework, computational models, new methods and approaches in adopting Digital Twin, Augmented Reality and desktop visualisation to enhance industrial productivity. These findings are delivered in the form of toolsets including the development guideline of Digital Twin (Toolset 1), Digital Twin and Augmented Reality (Toolset 2), Digital Twin and Digital Human Representation (Toolset 3), Digital Twin and desktop representation (Toolset 4).

Digital Twin Development Framework

Augmented Reality & Digital Twins

Digital Human Representation & Digital Twins