“I want to do quality work, but not put my physical and mental health at risk when I face pressure from fast-paced, highly demanding production requirements”. 


Role: Assembly 

Experience: 12 Years

Age: 32 

Industry: Manufacturing

Decision-maker: No


Jimmy is a production worker in an assembly facility. His work is often fast-paced, his highly variable requirements, and can be physically challenging at times. He experienced a job-related cumulative trauma injury several years ago, and is keen to try new ways of avoiding excess strain.

Jimmy’s Biggest Challenges 

  • Reducing physical stress during demanding routines
  • Managing emotional and mental stress during the work day 
  • Recognising when he is nearing his performance limits before degradation occurs
  • Assembling products he does not know yet

Research Theme Examples:

  • Senior integration, data fusion, and interoperability
  • Understanding the relationship among physiological measures, behaviour, and cognition 
  • Effects of self-feedback on performance 

Digital Innovation Example:

  • Postural sensing system 
  • Integration of physiological sensing and behavioural modelling 
  • Real-time workload monitoring