“I need to be able to make faster and more informed decisions about the production line, to do so, I need better real time data support for monitoring the production floor”. 


Role: Line Manager

Experience: 4 Years

Age: 50

Industry: Manufacturing

Decision-maker: Yes


Shillpa is an experienced line manager who needs to know the “big picture”. Shilpa would like to know real-time changes in status of equipment, operators and material supplies. This data could provide her with the much needed information for taking decisions about day to day production line operations.

Research Theme Examples:

  • Representation of human and technical parameters in a digitial twin 
  • Physiological sensor data fusion

Shilpa’s Biggest Challenges 

  • Building a mental model of the entire production line system and maintaining situation awareness.
  • Having real-time production data from equipment, operators and supplies.

Digital Innovation Example:

  • Digital twin of the factory line
  • Fusion of sensor data from both equipment and operators