“I wish the assembly automation could adjust to my pace of work and take into account my physical and mental state”. 


Role: Production Line Worker

Experience: 15 years

Age: 49 

Industry: Manufacturing

Decision-maker: No


Thomas is responsible for operating an automated production line, adjusting it on a regular basis for product variation and making sure that everything is working as expected. During a workday, he can experience both very busy times requiring high level of focus as well as really quiet times during which his mind could slip into a wandering state. Recently, his production line was identified as one with a significantly higher number of quality issues compared to others within his facility, and his manager is considering implementing a workplace monitoring system. However, Thomas is uncertain how his personal data will be used and has reservations about the new system. 

Research Theme Examples:

  • Physiological sensor data fusion
  • Understanding the relationship between physiological measures, workload, and cognition 

Thomas’s Biggest Challenges 

  • Dealing with a combination of very high and very low levels of demand
  • Quickly transitioning from a low level of demand (during which his mind could wander) to high demand tasks 

Digital Innovation Example:

  • Real time workload monitoring 
  • Detection of mind wandering episodes 
  • Framework for individual, organisational, and societal ethics, and acceptance issues