“When I’m out on a call, I need to be able to communicate with my remote support team and log incident reports in a secure way for accurate record keeping and oversight”. 


Role: Line Maintenance Engineer

Experience: 1 Year

Age: 23 

Industry: Manufacturing

Decision-maker: No


Sofia’s company supplies a range of specialist machinery to industrial customers that operate in rugged and sometimes hazardous environments. As an early career engineer who conducts maintenance and repair operations at partner sites, Sofia needs to be able to contact her remote support team in order to liaise when unexpected situations occur, and to create secure incident reports for recording work that she has performed. She knows here processes well, is a champion of workplace safety, and would welcome a technology to assist her with remembering steps to lengthy tasks that she performs less frequently than others.

Research Theme Examples:

  • Translating 2D to 3D representations of work 
  • Developing methods to support use of large data sets 
  • Storage, sharing, and ownership of data 

Sofia’s Biggest Challenges 

  • Learning on the job via her remote support team 
  • secure recording of maintenance activities to ensure the existence of an audit trail
  • delivering high quality work in highly dynamic, potentially dangerous environments

Digital Innovation Example:

  • VR/ AR system design recommendations 
  • Digital communication tool 
  • Sensor configuration for predicting impact on operations