The DigiTOP Toolkit is a compendium of best practice,
data, and resources developed during the DigiTOP project

The Toolkit is a community-building platform to inform and educate users on current best practice in implementing digital manufacturing technology (DMT) and its implications for workers and others who interact with the technology. In addition to communicating best practice, the Toolkit is a repository for information, software, frameworks, datasets, and publications on the design of DMTs and their impact on individuals and joint-cognitive manufacturing systems.

The DigiTOP Toolkit contains resources to support work with a range of DMTs, including digital twins, virtual/augmented reality, industrial robotics, collaborative robotics, human-centred/physiological sensing for operator state monitoring and system-oriented sensing. Additional information on DMTs in joint-cognitive manufacturing systems, as well as a digital readiness instrument, are also available to support decision making in industrial context.

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Digital Readiness

Coming in Phase II

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Related Projects & Resources

Coming in Phase II

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