Augmented Reality & Digital Twins

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is an integral part to realise “connected worker” for transitioning into Industry 4.0. Researches in AR can be generally divided into three categories:

  1. Hardware with reliable display, powerful computing, and comfortability for long usage,
  2. Software with accurate and robust tracking, ease of authoring AR content, content management
  3. Human factors consideration in AR interface design and interaction

As part of work in DigiTOP, we investigate software and human factors aspect in AR development to enhance the partnerships between operators and manufacturing technology.

Please refer to the “Structured authoring for AR-based communication to enhance efficiency in remote diagnosis for complex equipment” paper to see a framework for authoring AR contents for remote communication between expert and local technician and a video demonstrator of the application.

Currently, we are developing a human factors guideline to design AR system in industrial maintenance