Instrumented Workbench and Digital Twin Demonstrator

Instrumented Workbench & Digital Twin Demonstrator

The Instrumented Workbench and Digital Twin at the University of Nottingham is intended to demonstrate the sensing of pshychophysiological data from individuals, classifiaction of data into physical and cognitive states, and the visualisation of system-level information in a desktop-based digital twin of the workbench

Using a product assembly task as the basis for manipulating operator states such as mental workload and fatigue, the demonstrator will incorporate a range of physiological sensors, with data streaming through a central platform, and visualised according to best practice in dashboard design to enhance situation awareness of the work environment for those in supervisory roles.

The Instrumented Workbench reflects a type of assembly workstation involving paced production of multiple product variants, e.g. similar to certain areas within automotive manufacturing. Data is captured both from the operator in terms of their physiological experience and also from the production environment itself, which is reflected in a digital twin for assessing workstation status.

Demonstrator Schematic

flowchart showing instrumented workbench setup


  • Heavy-duty industrial workstation
  • Automated conveyor belts (x2)
  • Motion sensors and actuators
  • Parts/products for assembly tasks
  • Artinis Octamon+ fNIRS device
  • Zephyr Bioharness 3
  • FLiR Thermal Camera A65sc
  • Eye tracking glasses

Downloadable Resources

Instrumented Workbench Summary Sheet
Instrumented Workbench Schematic